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Affiliated to CBSE-Affiliation No.2130252 | School Code: 60116

Principal's Message

Priya Singh
Learning at GFPS, Ghaziabad is surely an enjoyable experience. Along with academic achievements, it provides avenues for personal growth & development assisted by a team of well qualified & devoted staff members with the resource & experience that embarks them on their quest to attain knowledge and aids them to be a responsible and a mature person. “The purpose of education is to bring out the best in you”, said Gandhi and we believe in this philosophy. A plethora of opportunities for direct student involvement in various activities both inside and outside classroom ensures that the students reach their highest academic, personal and professional goal.

Creating respect for our tradition, human values, culture & heritage is a part of our school environment. Nurturing these young toddlers, see them grow with values and virtues and leave this school as a young adult ready to face the challenges posed by this world is a job of a great responsibility. We intend to do this task with utmost care and perfection.