Sanjay Nagar School, Sahodaya Complex

About us

Sanjay Nagar, Ghaziabad, Sahodaya is an association of Sanjay Nagar schools is a platform for sharing and contributing among the member schools. The platform allows members to share challenges, solutions, resources etc.

To facilitate the creation of Sanjay Nagar Sahodaya School Complexes the procedure is outlined below:

  1. Six schools located geographically in Sanjay Nagar are together.

  2. An action plan for the whole year is prepared in consultation with all the members.  Duties for carrying out different programmes have been allocated among members.  The members meet at least once a month to review the activities and to take up for discussion any issue of academic nature.



To achieve quality benchmark in school education, widen skills and educational research, to organize empowerment programs to improve the professional competency of teachers, encourage healthy interaction and mutual appreciation with opportunities for students to work with each other and to raise a winning network of schools and to create mutual and enduring value.

The diverse array of activities carried out by the member schools includes the following:

  1. Orientation programmes, seminars and workshops for teachers/ students/ Principals on various themes including experiential learning.
  2. Joint programmes for home examinations and exchanging pattern, sports and cultural activities, inter school competitions, exhibitions etc.
  3. Discussion on implementation of circulars and guidelines issued by the Board from time to time.
  4. Taking up community development projects on adolescence education programme, road safety, consumer awareness, peace education etc.